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Thu, Aug. 3rd, 2006, 09:54 am

IM GOING TO JAPAN TOMMOROW!!!! Eiiiiiiiieieiiii!@#@!#!

Thu, Apr. 13th, 2006, 05:18 pm
good bye myspace

for serious! i am strictly a live journal girl now. I was making myself sick with the amount of time i was spending on that awful site. I honestly just.... felt sick of myself, society, and other people. It made me feel so high school, a feeling i was dying to escape back then. I feel good now. I wanted to write to say i am really thankful for my friends. I have really good friends and i know i can count on them. While i still dont have one best best friend like i did with beka, i guess i do, only this time he is my husband. Spring is here and it is nice. There are flowers in the yard. It almost motivates me to go do yardwork. On the 15th we will officially have had our house for one whole year. That is crazy. We can't wait to get out! hahhaha. Sadly, its true, we dont like having a house. We are ready to go back to the world of apartment renting. We NEED to do something about our finances, because they spun so horribly out of control due to all of Marshalls expenses. That dog is lucky!!! I will be excited again when we have a house in a location we love and a floorplan we love. It will happen. This house just wasnt it. Besides that, now we will be able to rent a loft in downtown milwaukee! Yey!!! I love city living.... suprisingly i love milwaukee! There is so much good food, which is of course the most important thing. Beyond that, it makes racine seem so boring and stagnent. I feel like, lost here racine. All i like to do is got o the olive garden and barnes and noble. Life cant be confined to those 2 places :-) anyway, life is good mostly. Work is great! Marriage is renewed. Im so glad to see a new season.

Sun, Mar. 12th, 2006, 12:03 am

So I have decided I am done with myspace.com. Everyone is on there to sell how interesting and wonderful they are, I cant even take it anymore. They have their fancy emo pictures, little random facts lists, blah blah blah. I love cotton candy---wow, you are SO special. I used to blog for the hope that maybe someone would find it interesting, but I no longer care. Now i just need a place to write and Im not a big pen and paper person.. SO here I am back to the good old livejournal. I have had all these wierd emotions going on lately, and alot of self questioning. I dont feel very positive about humanity lately, but I am still a positive person when it comes to other things. I went through this whole phase of "knowing who I was" and I thought i was like way ahead of other people my age, but I am realizing everyone goes through that stage and then when we come out of it, its like who AM i? It is when we finally have to deal with REAL adult responsablities that we really get to see just who we are. Forget all these fantasies, its time for reality. I never thought I would be one to say that but its true! There is a reality. A reality very different than I hoped it would be. I hate boys too. I used to really like them and thought I met good ones, but thats a lie. Thank God Jesse is the real thing. Thank God I married him because had I not, I would probably be involved with a really stupid one Im sure. I dont know what my life would be like with out Jesse. For a little while I was wondering, but not anymore. I think I would be really shallow. I would get to caught up in all the bullshit that lives in the young 20s lifestyle. I am just so OVER this "scene" thing too. It used to be that rap was taking over, but not now. Now it is the age of shows, sweeping bangs and tight jeans. I walked by hot topic yesterday and there were like 7 teenagers all standing outside and they all looked EXACTLY the same! I understand why asians think we all look alike. I can point out their differences way easier than these "americans" today. Its like--- why wont these people make their own style? Why do they all require this sweeping hair to be part of this club? They dont "care" what others think of them, because they are self confident and love who they are as individuals. Whatever. There that negetivity comes again, taking over my personality one blog at a time.

Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005, 09:51 pm
lala lala

I am so terrible at keeping this up to date. I just got home from Melissas wedding. It was really, really wonderful. She was sooo happy and so was Matt. I am back in school, and I am going for nursing. Our puppy got really sick, and from spending so much time at the doggie hospital, i decided i wanted to work in an environment where i am helping people and encouraging people, more so than i do at starrbucks anyway. My job is great because I do get to talk to people alot and listen to their problems, but i also have to worry about sales, which, i dont know how i feel about having sales goals. yeah, it can be fun, but yeah...... i dont feel like trying to ecplain exactly how i feel. I just really want to take care of others and be their support, and possibly use that degree for veternary nursing. It feels really great to be back in school, and this time around I love it. I actually look forward to class. Jesse loves school too.
We bought a house, i dont know if i wrote that in here yet. It is real cutesy and cozy. We have wood floors and a fireplace and our house is brick. We have remodeled the kitchen and painted all the rooms in the house. Its coming along nicely. I still want to move to Boston as soon as we can, but in the meantime its nice here and we are actually going to make money off of this intead of dumping money into rent. Alias starts on thursday, cant wait. Lost started alst week and its fabulous so far. Its going to be a good season. Jesse is home, time to go!! Take care!

Sun, Jul. 31st, 2005, 03:09 pm

I miss myself. I really do. As time goes on, I feel like I am forgetting who I am, and what I stand for. All this time I have been telling myself that I havent changed. But I have. I am not so full of hope as I once was. I am not so trusting of people. Instead of being "nieve" and thinking everyone has good intentions like i used to, I think everyone is looking for the worst. I think everyone is judging everyone, I am judging everyone, and I cant stand it. The truth is I miss being nieve. I miss just loving people. I miss not caring about superficial things. I miss not having to deal with work issues. When did work become so overly important? I work for a company I used to LOVE with all my heart, and now I feel like it is ruining me. It is no longer the same place it used to be. Is it because I am a manager now? Do I just see things I never used to? I dont think so. I think everything is just growing to fast and getting out of hand. EVerything, everywhere. Today I crave the city. I want to move back to Boston so bad. Why did I ever let anyone talk me out of it? There is a life lesson here. When I want to do something I need to do it, or ill just end up regretting it. Thats another change. I am always playing it safe now. When did that happen? I never used to regret anything. Now i have something to regret. Thank God I have Jesse. The only person in the world who understands everything.

Sat, Dec. 11th, 2004, 02:56 pm

I am a married woman!! I can.not.believe it! So far marriage is almost exactly the same as before marriage, only a lot sweeter. Love has this tendancy to grow stronger and stronger each day, even though you already think you love the person as much as you possibly could. The wedding went really, really well. Everything went pretty much how I wanted it to. THe only thing that didnt was the mashed potatos were missing, but it was okay, because there were baby reds. Everything looked so beautiful, and there were TONS of roses. Pinks, whites, reds, reds with pink splashes. The florist did SUCH a GOOD JOB! I was so happy when I walked into the chapel and saw the bouquets. All of the girls and the guys looked wonderful, and Jesse.... He was soooo... wonderful. Just perfect. I cant wait to see our pictures. I will see them when I GET HOME FROM ENGLAND! That is where I am now. THe second to last day before our 2 week honeymoon is over. I like it over here, although, i dont know if i would want to live here. Its actually not as quaint as i hoped. I mean it is, but it isnt. I dont know how to explain it. I love these kebebs that they serve over here. They are really good. London was very nice and i got tons of great pictures. The one things that definatly sucks is the fact that our currency is basically cut in half when converting to pounds. Next vacation toa foriegn land we are going where the us dollar is stronger!! When we get home it will almost be christmas. Yippee!! Then it will be our annual up north weekend, then we will be packing and moving to Boston!! TOny our best friend is moving too!! I miss it out there, and Jesse and I decided that is where we want to live for at least the next few years. I am so excited for that!! I think I am definately going to go to culinary school. I also want to be a part time dog walker. I just think it would be fun and a great way to earn extra money. I may or may not be moving out there with a salary. Im supposed to start having one in January, but when I tell them I am moving, who knows if they will let me be promoted. Its silly, ive waited all this time and then when i finally want to get on with my life they suddenly want to promote me. Well, im not going to let starbucks dicatate my life forever, so ill move with or without the promotion. It doesnt worry me much anymore. I think they might actually let me get promoted and run, because my DM understands me, and knows my posistion and has said in the past "Id like to see you move out there witha title." So we shall see. The wedidng was such a great thing because I finally got to see my mom again, and my brother. It was just such a nice feeling. Im going to go to the co-op and buy some carrotts and dressing i think, so ill stop writing now. Oh, and I finally read nickel and dimed. It was interesting. And Beka is ....well, i have a new opinion on her. She came to the wedding part, the cermony, said "ill try to make it to the reception, but i kinda made other plans" and left. she didnt make it to the dinner. SHe expected me to somehow feel sorry for her on my wedding day. well, whatever. Im glad to leave her behind and out of my life. As much as I will always have a soft spot for her, she is pretty f* in stupid. Grow up, Girl!! Respect yourself!! Love yourself!! Dont be so "tough" on the outside, when all you really need is hugs and love. Jesses calling for me, so ill be on my way now. take care, whoever.:-)

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 01:01 pm
stupid woman

So im not one to usually have disagreements with customers. Usually, im on their side, ill do whatever to help them have a good day. Not this morning, however. Here is the scene:

Helena: "Good morning, what can we get for you"
Stupid whore: Grande White Chocolate Mocha
Helena: Okay, 3.96 please.
(Stupid whore hands her a 100 dollar bill) (its 6 am at this time, only open for a half hour, our first lobby customer of the day)
Helena: I cant break this, can anyone else?
(We all say no)
Helena: Well you can have this one on us today. (most people appreciate that)
So I accidently make her a venti white mocha, instead of a grande. I thought she said venti the first time.
Me: Ohhhhhh.... so... you dont want this one, even though its free?
SW: NO!! I didnt order that SIZE.
Me: Okay, ill remake it. (I throw out the venti and make a grande instead, perfectly to standard, swirling of course, then i give it to her)
SW: You didnt even stir that!! And you spilled it all over!!! (we both look at the counter, nothing is there, there are no spills on the cup)
Me: Uhm, Its mixed will. We dont actually stir them, we swirl them to melt the mocha, but I can stir it for you if youd like.(trust me, when i swirl i swirl its mixed very well!)
Me: Im sorry, but i am not going to make you a third drink. It is on the house today, and there was nothing wrong with the first white mocha, and this one is made to standard. (She hadnt even tasted it yet!!)
Me: WEll, you can have a new one another day. (I was very annoyed by her attitude)
She then walks out. A half hour later she calls and asks to speak to the manager on duty, which happens to be me. She explains the story and COMPLETELY over exxagerates what happened. I tell her I was the girl who helped her and that she could have her drink replaced next time if it tasted so horrible. (which i know, did not, its like one of my favorite drinks.) She says "Thats not what I want, I want an apology from you" I said, well, Im not going to apologize, I will only apologize that you didnt like the drink. I also said "MAybe if you didnt have such a rude attittude, I would have been more willing to work with you. She was silent.

So anyway, now I feel bad because I should have just made that stupid whore a new drink, and thrown the second perfectly good one out. She informed me she will be speaking to the store manager. I told her, go right ahead. Seriously though, what is wrong with some people? That is not what i wanted to deal with at 6 am, considering my opener slept through her alarm, and i had to open by myself for the first ten minutes.
Sorry, i dont know how to do the whole cut thing to make this post not so big. :-(

Thu, Sep. 16th, 2004, 05:22 pm
Wedding cake day.

Well today we got the wedding cake, and ordered a tray of cannolis for next to the cake. Those things are pretty tasty!! The cake is cool, and its...square! its also stacked, no pillars for us. its very cool, and very tasty. we are getting some chocolate mint, lemon poppyseed, and one other flavor we havent figured out yet. Its always interesting hanging out with my stepmom, shes so...opinionated. Its okay, i just brush off most of her comments. The wedding is going to be very beautiful. All we really have left to do is pick out all the music. We have some, but not much. I decided to play Ella Fitgerald for the prelude of the wedding ceremony. I hate dulling, boring sad music being played like big organ music or whatever. Ella will set the mood for some good pure love. We get to have a mini vacation to Connecticut in 3 weeks. WOOOO!! I love going out there, the truth is, I want to live out there, in the woods, and be surrounded by full snowy winters, beautiful falls, and ocean time in the summer. I think New England does a good job having 4 seasons. Wisconsin does too, but it seems like the winters are getting milder. Id still move out west to see what its like, but idont know. Life is so interesting, who knows where we will end up. The cats are so cute and cozy right now, im going to go jump in their pile. Bye! oh yeah, and i had a meatball sub today with pepporcinis, those things are good! For some reason, they make me think of new england too. why? they are in wisconsin. oh well. im just itching again for a change. byeeeeee

Mon, Sep. 6th, 2004, 05:52 pm

-Name: Angela Marie

-Nicknames: Koala Bear, Angle, Angeeela myra darling
-Age: 21
-Age you act: sometimes im whiney and act like im 16, other times i act my age, well wait, not like a normal 21 year old actually, maybe i act like an angela
-Zodiac Sign: leo
-Where do you live?: Racine, Wi probably not for so much longer, it just depends on the next few months
-Sex: f
-Birthday: 8/8
-Siblings: Jennifer-30 Jeremy 36 ish (woah!)
-Hair Color: Browny red with some highlights and low lights
-Eye Color: green
-Shoe Size: 8
-Do you wear glasses?:when im driving!
-Do you have braces?: noo but i like braces, they are cute
-Do you have freckles?: oh yeah
-Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no, i have a fiance for 2 more months, then he will be a fabulouso husband!! ahhhh!!!
-What is your idea of a perfect date? some pot stickers, low mein, renting a movie and scnhuggling
-Do you believe in love?: How could I not? what the world needs now, is love sweet love...
-Do you believe in soulmates?: ab-so-lutley!

-Do you have a crush?:i have a crush thats going on 3 years now
-Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?: Brian Leger

-Have you ever been in love?: Now counts, so yes!
How many hearts have you broken?: Maybe two, possibly a third
-How many people have broken your heart?: 1--stupid jerk.

-Best quote to sum up love: "i cant take my eyes off of you..." only when sung by damien rice however!

-Have you ever been kissed?: Si senor

-How many people have you kissed?: maybe one milllllion, no not really. not too many.

--Why did any of your past relationships end?: IM a pretty emo girl. One guy said that. He was a pervert.Another was because of distance, another was because he was a guy who claimed to love me, but also happened to be in love with his ex girlfriend. not to mention we lived 2 hours apart, which is a lot in high school. He was a good guy, just too unable to focus his horomones on one thing i guess. Im still working it out in my heart to forgive him, because hostility is not such a good thing.
-Would you ever go out with any of your ex boyfriends/girlfriends?: No way, how could i ever go back to anything less then what i am ablessed with now?
-What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: hair, eyes, eye shape!!jesse has very cute eyes
-What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?: trust, not being ashamed of everything you are, loving eachother unconditionally.
-Have you ever had a friend who liked the same girl as you?: same guy u mean? uhm, yes an even though i liked him first, it somehow became my fault.
-Do you believe in love at first sight?: the day i met jesse i did, seriously. it was unbelieavble.

-Who are your three best friends?: Jesse, Tony, Carolyn, Brandon and Barrett, i cant say the top 3.
-Who has the weirdest laugh: Carolyn, or my aunt terri who is also a friend.
-Who is the loudest?:Carolyn "whoa mama!!!" "blast!!!"
-Do your friends really "know" you?: Id say so.

-What one friend would you trust with your most personal possession?: Jesse, or Tony, or any of them! They are wonderfl and I am so blessed!
-Who was your first best friend?: Brandon and Barrett.
-Do you have a lot of close friends?: Not too many, but the perfect amount.
-Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?: Used to be guys, now i think possibly girls. Actually its pretty even.
-Which friend do you spend the most time with?: Jesse, other than that, Tony.
-Who have you known the longest?: Barrett and Brandon
-Who is your newest friend?: Maybe, Monica?

-Who do you argue with the most?: Jesse, buts its more like I whine and then he tickles me so ill stop being ridiculous.
-Who do you always get along with?: My sister, Jen.
-Who is the most trustworthy?: Brandond of course, Jesse.
-Who makes you laugh the most?: Carolyn and Brandon, and Tony when hes on funny medicine.

-Who has the coolest parents?: Jesses parents are great, otherwise Brandono.
-Who is the most blunt?: Well if i stil hung out with John Id say him, but instead ill go with Anna or Brandon. and Melissa! Always says what she thinks..

-Who is the smartest?: My dad? Hes a great friend, so ill say him. I love him and he is soo smart about everything!
-Who do you go to for advice?: My dad. Awww

-What do you want to do as a career?: District Manager, or Wedding Planner.
-Do you want to go to college?: not currently. I pretended I wanted to for awhile, but the truth is, I hate schoool. LIke to learn yes, like being told what to learn, not so much.
-Do you want to get married?: I better want too! Of course i do,l its all i think about lately!
-What age do you think is a good age to get married?: It varies for everyone. I say as soon as you know you found the right person, run with it.
-Do you want to have kids?: Yes, but im terribly afraid of labor, so maybe ill adopt. Ill probably just have kids the natural way though. It will be fun, just need some more time.

-Done Drugs: I tried pot.
-Smoked: yes, then promtly threw up. my 8th grade friends werent too impressed with that. At least I was honest about my reaction to ciggerettes. I think they are really unnatractive anyway.
-Broken the Law: minor things.
-Made Yourself Throw Up: hmm no.

-Gone Skinny Dipping: haha yes, alone.
-Made Yourself Cry to Get Out of Trouble: no, but i did make myself cry for a free corn on the cob at an indian pow-wow. I pretended i was "lost" because i saw another kid crying and they gave that kid free corn.
-Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
-Written a song: i tried. it was called bat boy. and then there was thom yorke.
-Tried to cut your own hair: no, but i cut jesses hair yesterday, and it turned out fairly well. i rock!
-Sleepwalked: not that i remember. I did pretend to sleep walk once at a sleepover. it wasnt as funny as i hoped it would be!
-Gotten road rage: oh man, yeah.... i feel guilty we need to love eachother in this world, regardless of how everyone drives like an insane person!
-Eaten grass: yes, and ants! i thought they were candy way back when.
-Made a prank phone call: back in the days of neon clothing and doubling your socks.

-Played in a water puddle: oh i used to live for puddle jumping while it poured. it used to be so much fun!! when i first moved to chicago i played ina puddle too, but it wa probably real dirty.
-Played in a mud puddle: woo hoo!
-Wished on a rainbow: no, i usually say "oh look, a raaain bow!!!"
-Cried over a boy/girl: yes, silly rabbit
-Lied to someone: uhm. not ina really really long time. i dont really have anything to lie about.

-Do you feel bad for a spider when someone steps on it?: yes! I dislike when spiders are near me, but one had been living in my rearview mirror for like a month, and i think he fell off because i hit his web on accident, and i ahvent seen the spider in awhile so i now feel bad, because he liked his home in my mirror, and i miss seeing him every morning i open at like 4 am.

-If you had to model your life after somebody who would it be and why?: Sydney Bristow, what cant she do??

-What is the longest you have ever gone without taking a shower?: maybe 3 days while camping
-What do you think your best quality is?: im very compassionate and very very loving
-What was the happiest day of your life?: getting our cats!
-What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?: their glow
-Do you believe in Heaven?: yes, in some way
-Do you believe in forgiveness?: ys, im trying very hard to learn how to completly forgive, but its very hard. even with my mom.
-What is something that you wish people understood?: how to just love eachother

-What is something that you wish you understood better?: why do we even exist? im happy with existence, but why?
-What do you do when you are bored?: sleep, because im tired alot. or i go online, and search for random things, or i play with these silly cats, or i try to think of projects
-What is something that you can't live without?: food
-If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?: id have some more money so i could shop more

-Who would you hate to be locked in a room with?: lumberjack man customer from mensa, or that guy from palenstine who wants me to marry his son so he can move to america and he kissed my cheeks alot, and i didnt like it. wierd people come to starbucks.
-Who would you like to be locked in a room with?: anyone i could have a good conversation with. maybe lisa from Ct who isnt the biggest fan of me, but she seems fun. Jesse thinks wed be great friends if she didnt have a grudge over jesse.
-What is your greatest addiction?: animals, jesse
-What is the best feeling in the world?: sleeping with not only the love of my life, but my obnoxious cats too.
-What is the worst feeling in the world?: people thinking something is wrong with you like your stepparents when all you are doing is being loving.

-What is the meanest thing you can say to somebody?: You are ugly.

-What bothers you the most about school?: Having to commit my time to something.

-What do you usually think about when you are trying to fall asleep?: the wedding
-What serves as the greatest motivation for you in your daily life?: I love my life. I seriously think about it all of the time. I look arounda t work and love my job, i see my apt and jesse and cats, and i love them. its nice.
-What do you forget to do more often than anything?: take my keys home from work so i can open the store in the morning. although, its onnly happened twice. thank god brandon ahs keys too.
-What are you most proud of?:
Being truely happy. definatly not my typos
-What was the happiest age of your life?: how about now. and middle school, before my mom moved. my neighborhood was so fun.
-What is the worst quality a person can have?: dishonesty with themselves and others
-What issue are you sick of hearing about?: the election, i care a lot. but there are so many things wrong with both candidates.... i like bush the best though after doing my research
-What is your greatest fear?: not appreciating jesse, one of us dying :-( :-( i would die! i pray for him every single day.

-Do you have any bad habits?: sleeping too long on my naps
-What is something that you would like to learn how to do?: cook
-What do you think your father thinks of you?: He loves me, and is having fun watching me grow.
-What do you think your mother thinks of you?: she loves me too, and she misses me
-What do you think your siblings think of you?: well my brother barely knows me, and my sis is happy for me
-When are you most happy?: having free time with jesse


Fri, Aug. 20th, 2004, 05:06 pm
this is nothing new

Hello. Today was a good day. I actually felt beautiful, completly beautiful and princess like. I had my hair practiced on for what we will do at the wedding day, and when i looked in the mirror, i couldnt believe it was me. Like seriously, its a great moment to feel that. I can. not. wait. (emo!). lol. im laughing at myself. i feel very dorklike. ohwell. so if anyone actually reads this, and if anyone knows any wonderful wonderful love songs, comment please. im on the search for the worlds best. im trying to get all my wedding music together, because i dont want just hit crap love songs played, i want the reeeal love songs played. its going to be sucha great day.

works going really well. i always talk about promotions, but it seems real now. the dm talked to me a few days ago and said in the upcoming weeks he wanted to sit and talk with me and interview me again. he said hes been hearing nothing but good things about me. managers actually make a decent living at starbucks. once i become a manager, ill be making more than my father, and hes been a medical counsler for 25 years! his job is really cool however. he plays video games, performs on guitar, and has fun with "troubled teens." a lot of teens are sent there simply because their parents dont want to take the effort to get to know their children. they dont want to deal with normal problems of growing up. man, if i get promoted now that means by the time im 30 ill definately be a dm. Im sure they have to make more than 55,000. plus cheap health insurance, free stock, and contributions to 401k, whoooosh. Thats so much money. That would be 9 years from now, witch means the company will be matching my contributions to my savings account by 125 %. I think that is INSANE. What company does that?? I just have so much fun at work anyway, and i love everyone i work with. I dont think there is a better job for me right now. Gosh im such a starbucks geek. Jesse started at starbucks about 2 months ago as well. He is a supervisor at a new store that opened. I cant believe how much he loves it. Well, i can, because most people do love it, but he talks about the big sbux more than i do, and his prospects are looking good as far as him getting promotoed in the not far future. his manager totally relies on him and treats him like an asm, which is awesome. starbucks is taking over the world though. Wisconsin is planning on opening like 70 new stores this year or something. Its great, because its a wonderful place to go and work, but i worry they will get too big. People already have the wrong impression, but i love what the company is doing. If you do your research, we are on e the the best coffee companies to deal with. We always pay fair coffee prices. we support so many things. we give away so many grants. there are always good things going on at starbucks behind the scenes. at the same time though, its a money making machine. it never feels that way. it feels like a small cafe, which is odd, but i love it. an actual small cafe cant offer me nearly as much as sbux can. but mostly, i just love my job. ill stop writing about it now. i think you have to work there to really understand. especially working a t a very non stress store. :-)

life is just so, gooooood. im really looking forward to everything. especially, the wedding. i know its just ...one day, of my life, but ahh hits my wedding day!! and then our awesome awesome honeymoon. i am so excited to go to england and france. its funny, because we had our invitations made before we knew where we were going, and we have a very backround picture of the eiffel tower. i wish i knew how to post pictures on here, i would love to show anyone my invitation.

the only other thing i can talk about is....where will we live next? either my parents or jesses parents are going to heartbroken. i love out east, especially near boston, but it is so expensive. i like lake michagan a lot, its beautiful. i love our friends here. i feel very at home out east as well though. maybe well just end up moving somewhere completly random. maybe well love europe so much, well move there. who knows. alls i know is i love damien rice. our first dance is to the blowers daughter by damien rice. hes amazing. okay take care gentile hearts.

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