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Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 01:01 pm
stupid woman

So im not one to usually have disagreements with customers. Usually, im on their side, ill do whatever to help them have a good day. Not this morning, however. Here is the scene:

Helena: "Good morning, what can we get for you"
Stupid whore: Grande White Chocolate Mocha
Helena: Okay, 3.96 please.
(Stupid whore hands her a 100 dollar bill) (its 6 am at this time, only open for a half hour, our first lobby customer of the day)
Helena: I cant break this, can anyone else?
(We all say no)
Helena: Well you can have this one on us today. (most people appreciate that)
So I accidently make her a venti white mocha, instead of a grande. I thought she said venti the first time.
Me: Ohhhhhh.... so... you dont want this one, even though its free?
SW: NO!! I didnt order that SIZE.
Me: Okay, ill remake it. (I throw out the venti and make a grande instead, perfectly to standard, swirling of course, then i give it to her)
SW: You didnt even stir that!! And you spilled it all over!!! (we both look at the counter, nothing is there, there are no spills on the cup)
Me: Uhm, Its mixed will. We dont actually stir them, we swirl them to melt the mocha, but I can stir it for you if youd like.(trust me, when i swirl i swirl its mixed very well!)
Me: Im sorry, but i am not going to make you a third drink. It is on the house today, and there was nothing wrong with the first white mocha, and this one is made to standard. (She hadnt even tasted it yet!!)
Me: WEll, you can have a new one another day. (I was very annoyed by her attitude)
She then walks out. A half hour later she calls and asks to speak to the manager on duty, which happens to be me. She explains the story and COMPLETELY over exxagerates what happened. I tell her I was the girl who helped her and that she could have her drink replaced next time if it tasted so horrible. (which i know, did not, its like one of my favorite drinks.) She says "Thats not what I want, I want an apology from you" I said, well, Im not going to apologize, I will only apologize that you didnt like the drink. I also said "MAybe if you didnt have such a rude attittude, I would have been more willing to work with you. She was silent.

So anyway, now I feel bad because I should have just made that stupid whore a new drink, and thrown the second perfectly good one out. She informed me she will be speaking to the store manager. I told her, go right ahead. Seriously though, what is wrong with some people? That is not what i wanted to deal with at 6 am, considering my opener slept through her alarm, and i had to open by myself for the first ten minutes.
Sorry, i dont know how to do the whole cut thing to make this post not so big. :-(

Sat, Oct. 9th, 2004 04:09 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): Ange, it's Mere

I'm just going to paste in here the same message I left Jesse re: your wedding. It may sound "weak" that Mark and I have to miss it because of school, but it's finals week and he has term papers/tests/presentations to prepare for that week...and he HAS to be there Monday, no questions asked. If it were in October or early November, we could have easily gone; but he can't miss any school after Thanksgiving because of all the final stuff he has due. I know that this means you probably won't be coming to our wedding (we will still invite you because we would love for you to be there...Jesse said "we'll see if I go" in his entry, and it kills me to think that there are hard feelings like that), but I'm really scared that this has damaged our friendship. Anyway, here's the note I left Jesse since I have no idea how often he checks his LJ.


Mark and I tried to do everything we could to go to the wedding but, in the end, there was just no way. Not only can we not afford it (and we REALLY appreciate your offer to let us use the apartment for lodging), but it just wasn't possible with his work/school/internship schedule. If we flew there, we'd lose a lot of money we're going to need for the wedding (especially since it's a holiday weekend, so the rates will be higher); if we drove there, we wouldn't be back in time for his Monday classes and that's his finals/term paper week.

Please don't think that you're chasing after Mark and that he doesn't care about you, because that is just not true. We both struggled for a long time before telling you because we knew it would hurt your feelings. We certainly would have understood your position if the tables were turned. I don't know if you guys still want to come to our wedding, but you will be invited.

We didn't mean to cause any hurt feelings, and I'm sorry if you see as us "weak" now. In the end, there just was no possible way to work it, and I wish I could tell you how sorry I am.

While you lived here, we did everything we could to get to know the "real" you, as you mentioned in your entry. We went to all of your shows to support DoHi and all of the impromptu trips to the Athenian. I don't know what else I could have done to be a better friend, and I'm sorry I fell short. I'm sure Mark is sorry, too (he's working late tonight and I'm sure hasn't seen this entry yet).


E-mail me at MLi928 if you want to talk about this. If not, I'm really, really sorry and I wish you guys the best wedding ever.

Sat, Oct. 9th, 2004 04:09 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): It's Mere again

Oops, I meant MLi928@aol.com