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Fri, Aug. 20th, 2004, 05:06 pm
this is nothing new

Hello. Today was a good day. I actually felt beautiful, completly beautiful and princess like. I had my hair practiced on for what we will do at the wedding day, and when i looked in the mirror, i couldnt believe it was me. Like seriously, its a great moment to feel that. I can. not. wait. (emo!). lol. im laughing at myself. i feel very dorklike. ohwell. so if anyone actually reads this, and if anyone knows any wonderful wonderful love songs, comment please. im on the search for the worlds best. im trying to get all my wedding music together, because i dont want just hit crap love songs played, i want the reeeal love songs played. its going to be sucha great day.

works going really well. i always talk about promotions, but it seems real now. the dm talked to me a few days ago and said in the upcoming weeks he wanted to sit and talk with me and interview me again. he said hes been hearing nothing but good things about me. managers actually make a decent living at starbucks. once i become a manager, ill be making more than my father, and hes been a medical counsler for 25 years! his job is really cool however. he plays video games, performs on guitar, and has fun with "troubled teens." a lot of teens are sent there simply because their parents dont want to take the effort to get to know their children. they dont want to deal with normal problems of growing up. man, if i get promoted now that means by the time im 30 ill definately be a dm. Im sure they have to make more than 55,000. plus cheap health insurance, free stock, and contributions to 401k, whoooosh. Thats so much money. That would be 9 years from now, witch means the company will be matching my contributions to my savings account by 125 %. I think that is INSANE. What company does that?? I just have so much fun at work anyway, and i love everyone i work with. I dont think there is a better job for me right now. Gosh im such a starbucks geek. Jesse started at starbucks about 2 months ago as well. He is a supervisor at a new store that opened. I cant believe how much he loves it. Well, i can, because most people do love it, but he talks about the big sbux more than i do, and his prospects are looking good as far as him getting promotoed in the not far future. his manager totally relies on him and treats him like an asm, which is awesome. starbucks is taking over the world though. Wisconsin is planning on opening like 70 new stores this year or something. Its great, because its a wonderful place to go and work, but i worry they will get too big. People already have the wrong impression, but i love what the company is doing. If you do your research, we are on e the the best coffee companies to deal with. We always pay fair coffee prices. we support so many things. we give away so many grants. there are always good things going on at starbucks behind the scenes. at the same time though, its a money making machine. it never feels that way. it feels like a small cafe, which is odd, but i love it. an actual small cafe cant offer me nearly as much as sbux can. but mostly, i just love my job. ill stop writing about it now. i think you have to work there to really understand. especially working a t a very non stress store. :-)

life is just so, gooooood. im really looking forward to everything. especially, the wedding. i know its just ...one day, of my life, but ahh hits my wedding day!! and then our awesome awesome honeymoon. i am so excited to go to england and france. its funny, because we had our invitations made before we knew where we were going, and we have a very backround picture of the eiffel tower. i wish i knew how to post pictures on here, i would love to show anyone my invitation.

the only other thing i can talk about is....where will we live next? either my parents or jesses parents are going to heartbroken. i love out east, especially near boston, but it is so expensive. i like lake michagan a lot, its beautiful. i love our friends here. i feel very at home out east as well though. maybe well just end up moving somewhere completly random. maybe well love europe so much, well move there. who knows. alls i know is i love damien rice. our first dance is to the blowers daughter by damien rice. hes amazing. okay take care gentile hearts.

Wed, Sep. 1st, 2004 05:24 pm (UTC)

Hi! I used to be under the name _katiemarie, but I got tired of that one, and decided to get a new LJ. So....add me as a friend and I'll add you! Yay for fellow Wisconians!